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2013年よりニューヨークでジュエリー制作を学んだ後、2017年から『Chisato Muro』としてガラスと彫金を組み合わせたガラスジュエリーの制作を始める。


During my adolescence, I found myself fascinated with the alluring stained glass when visiting a church. This fascination for the beauty of glass eventually led me to pursue a major in Glass Design as a student.

Through my studies, I had the chance to work with various materials as well as glass, which gave me a broader understanding of how these different materials react, and this still influences the way I craft my pieces today. 

After graduating, I became a glass blowing instructor and created glass accessories, as well as crafted bags which were sold in select boutiques across Japan inluding Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka.

In 2013, I began taking Jewelry design in New York, and eventually re-launched “Chisato Muro” in 2017.

I have more freedom in my ideas through exploration of different mediums and materials, and I thrive to craft elegant, yet simple pieces that can gently highlight the charm and beauty of the wearer.

​Chisato Muro
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